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We specializes in Information Technology supplying online platforms for regional and community banks. UK Foreign Exchange (UFE) has developed an internet service that enables financial institutions to offer a complete range of online Foreign Currency products to their business and individual customers.

White Label Foreign Exchange

White Label Foreign Exchange is a web based multi-product service is easily integrated into your own online banking facility. The service works by giving you your own customized White Label (branded) Website. Once it is integrated, simply logging on to your main website site will give your customers access to a full range of currency services.
Once you have installed a customized and branded version of our White Label Foreign Exchange service, you will have a competitive advantage by allowing your customers to purchase their foreign currency requirements through it. You will be able to better provide for your customer needs as they will be able to purchase and sell foreign currency and travelers checks, as well as pay for goods or services by means of foreign currency bank drafts and wire transfers. They can also cash foreign currency drafts. Your customers will no longer have to visit your competitors to satisfy their foreign currency needs. Additionally, you will earn fee-based revenue on every transaction. You no longer have to rely on a “no revenue” correspondent banking relationship to provide your customer with currency options.

UK Foreign Exchange 2015 operates and maintains the website in the background and all orders are fulfilled by multinational banks or other reputable financial institutions. Your bank will earn revenue on every completed transaction giving a valuable extra income source. There are no annual fees, set-up, maintenance or service charges.


UK Foreign Exchange

Get your currency needs managed in advance! Many airports, railroad stations, bus depots, and other points of entry have no currency exchange. When currency exchange is available in airports, lines can be long and rates can be "sky high". These long waits and usurious fees can be a nightmare. Money Transfer

Our international money transfer service provides a simple, secure and fast method to transfer funds to and from the UK for both personal and business needs [tell me more]
Travel Money

Our travel money service allows you to securely order foreign currencies and traveler's cheques at unbeatable exchange rates as well as zero commission [tell me more about Small Claims]

Obtain cash for your trip before you go. No need to wait in airport lines after a long flight, paying fees for the privilege. No need to convert cash to silver bars uk at your hotel at unfavourable rates. We will sell you foreign currency commission free! and deliver it right to your door. Click here to purchase Foreign Currency

Buy Back Services

Online FX 'Buy Back' service enables you to convert any left over foreign notes back into pounds sterling, there is no service fee or commission involved [tell me more]
Currency Guide

Currency guide provides a ‘fact-file’ on the major currencies we deal in, including pictures along with some important notes and tips [tell me more]

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